[68] It is derived from Greek mythology where the siren Parthenope tried to enchant Odysseus from his ship to Capri. The club have won two league titles, six Coppa Italia titles, two Supercoppa Italiana titles, and one UEFA Cup.[2][3]. [5] In 2018, Forbes estimated the club is the fifth most valuable club in Italy, worth $379 million. [66] The main difference between each badge is the shade of blue used. [15], Napoli broke the world transfer record fee after acquiring Diego Maradona in a €12 million deal from Barcelona on 30 June 1984. The Stadio San Paolo was the only stadium during the competition where the Argentine national anthem was not jeered,[29] Maradona bowed to the Napoli fans at the end and his country went on to reach the final. [15] Some of the most popular players from this period were Dino Zoff, José Altafini, Omar Sívori and hometown midfielder Antonio Juliano. Per vincere abbiamo dovuto fare una buona... Il Napoli ha ripreso oggi, martedi', gli allenamenti a Castelvolturno dopo la sosta della Serie A per gli impegni delle Nazionali. Napoli are also one of the associate members of the European Club Association. [17], Napoli entered the Serie A era under the management of William Garbutt. [62] The shade of blue has been sky blue in many instances. In the summer of 2000, Napoli retired the jersey number 10 belonged to former club legend Diego Maradona, who played for the club from 1984 to 1991. SSCNAPOLI.IT, Sito Ufficiale della Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli. 14 Nov 1989 Romania: 1.84 metri Piede destro: 30 Giu 2022 In rosa dal : 30 Lug 2015: ... Allenatore del Napoli Gennaro Gattuso Stadio del Napoli Stadio San Paolo Capienza Stadio 60.240 Posti Verso Crotone-Napoli. L’allenatore è legato alla Nike. [78], S.S.C. He also holds the record for league appearances with 408 over the course of 12 years from 2007 to 2019. NAPOLI - I record e le statistiche degli allenatori dalla sua fondazione ad oggi La stagione 1986-1987, vede il Napoli vincere il primo scudetto della sua storia e la Coppa Italia per la terza volta, realizzando così uno storico double. [7][8] Neapolitans such as Conforti, Catterina and Amedeo Salsi were also involved, the latter of whom was the club's first president. MILANO - Forse una delle partite più iconiche della storia dell'Inter. Napoli – Emery: stop per i diritti di immagine. Uno dei grandi trionfi di Diego Maradona: la conquista della Coppa UEFA con il Napoli nel 1989. Since re-foundation in 2004, the clubs large numbers of supporter provided the main source of income, particularly through gate revenues and TV rights. Naples has always been marginalised by the rest of Italy. Playing career. 88/89 (19/feb/1989) Allenatore: 5: 1,20 Napoli U19: 82/83 (01/lug/1982) 84/85 (30/giu/1985) Allenatore-0,00 Napoli: 79/80 (06/apr/1980) 79/80 (30/giu/1980) Allenatore: 4: 0,75 Napoli: 79/80 (01/lug/1978) 78/79 (30/giu/1979) Vice allenatore-0,00: Vice allenatore sotto: Luís Vinício (32 partite), Giovanni Di Marzio (8 partite) [19], After defeating Southampton 4–1 on aggregate to lift the Anglo-Italian League Cup,[23] Napoli were entered into the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup for 1976–77, where they reached the semi-finals, losing 2–1 on aggregate to Anderlecht. Napoli: Emery sfuma definitivamente. Dopo la diffidenza iniziale, l'ex tecnico... "Fa molto piacere ricevere questi complimenti, non capita sempre di uscire da San Siro tra gli applausi anche dei tifosi di casa. "17 maggio 1989 #ForzaNapoliSempre" si legge sul canale Twitter della SSC Napoli dove è stata pubblicata una foto in cui si vede Diego Armando Maradona che alza al cielo la Coppa Uefa vinta dal Napoli. [15] By August 2004, Napoli was declared bankrupt. This year saw the breakout season for Dries Mertens who scored 34 goals in all competition after he was moved from the left wing to center forward following Milik's torn ACL. As regards exclusively the championship, however, the honour goes to the Argentine footballer Roberto Sosa, the distinction of being the last to wear the 10 at the San Paolo and at the same time to score in the match against Frosinone on 30 April 2006. Di sicuro una delle più sentite di sempre a San Siro: Inter-Napoli del 28 maggio 1989, quella dello Scudetto numero 13, quello dei record.. GUARDA IL DOCUMENTARIO SULLA TRIONFALE STAGIONE DELL'INTER 1988/1989. However, by 1983, they had slipped dramatically and were involved in relegation battles. Tutti gli aggiornamenti web sulla squadra direttamente da SSC NAPOLI Quella maglia di Maradona fonte di litigi matrimoniali, e l'allenatore che seppe resistere a Zamparini ... AIMAN NAPOLI, 1989, attaccante del Renate. I don't like the fact that now everybody is asking Neapolitans to be Italian and to support their national team. In the morning we went to the San Paolo to warm up, Carlos (Tevez) was telling me about this stadium, but I've played for Barça so I said to myself, it can't be that big of a deal! Well, it was there that I realized that for those people this is not just a team, it is a visceral love, like the one between a mother and a son! However, in the European Cup, they were eliminated in the second round. Formed in 1926, the club saw relatively little success in its early years, winning one Coppa Italia in 1962. [26] Maradona was banned for 15 months and would never play for the club again. Usually the "N" is white, although it has occasionally been gold. FIGC placed Napoli in Serie C1, where they missed out on promotion after losing 2–1 in play-offs to local rivals Avellino in 2004–05. [32] To secure football in the city, film producer Aurelio De Laurentiis refounded the club under the name Napoli Soccer,[33] as they were not allowed to use their old name. [42] At the end of the season, Sarri left for Chelsea, succeeded by Carlo Ancelotti in May 2018. [2] After just one season in Serie B, they were promoted to the top division, along with fellow "sleeping giants" Genoa. VIDEO 2 – I festeggiamenti in città – Clicca . Thus, Napoli share the nickname "Azzurri" with the Italy national team. [22] Their fourth relegation cut celebrations short the following season. In Sarri's first season in charge in the 2015–16 season, Napoli finished in 2nd place on 82 points and were knocked out of the Europa League round of 32 against Villarreal. [12] The foreign contingent at the club broke off in 1912 to form Internazionale Napoli,[7] in time for both club's debut in the Italian Championship of 1912–13. Under the management of former player Bruno Pesaola, they won the Coppa delle Alpi[2] and were back among the elite in Serie A, with consistent top-five finishes. The Answer Is in the Cup". Entrambi hanno fatto parte, in maniera diversa, della storia rossonere del Milan. However, this was surrounded by less auspicious circumstances as Napoli were awarded two points for a game, when in Bergamo , an Atalanta fan threw a 100 lira coin at Alemão's head. Juliano would eventually break the appearance records, which still stands today. Si sa, i critici a volte sono cattivi e spesso non ci prendono. [20] The club bounced back to ensure top flight football at the start of the 1950s. [61] However, since the 1920s, a singular blue tone has been used in the form of azure. [10] Naples' first match was a 3–2 win against the English crew of the boat Arabik with goals from William MacPherson, Michele Scafoglio and Léon Chaudoir. De Laurentiis non molla: “Chi non ama Napoli, vada pure!” I tifosi: “Mammt!” 10 Giugno. In 1974–75, they reached the third round knocking out Porto 2–0 en route. [4] Like other top clubs in the country, Napoli's fanbase goes beyond the Italian border; in 2018 the society announced that the team had over 35 million supporters worldwide and 120 million people who liked to watch Napoli matches. Diego Maradona finished the season of Serie A as the league's top scorer, known in Italy as the Capocannoniere, in the 1987–88 season with 15 goals. [71], Unlike other Italian cities such as Genoa, Milan, Rome and Turin, Napoli is the only major football club in the city and therefore there is no derby in the strict sense of the term. [50], Below is the official presidential history of Napoli, from when Giorgio Ascarelli took over at the club in 1926, until the present day. Napoli also have a long-standing rivalry with Roma, and a rivalry with Palermo. [80] They have continued to be profitable since returning to Serie A. [15] Even into the earliest two seasons of the 1980s, the club were performing respectably with a third-place finish in 1980–81. Napoli was expelled from the professional league in 2004. [67], "Partenopei" is a popular nickname for the club and people from the city of Naples in general. The last player to wear and score goals with this shirt in an official match was Mariano Bogliacino in the home match of 18 May 2006 against Spezia, valid for the final leg of the Supercoppa di Lega Serie C1; primacy belongs to him also for last appearance in the championship, 12 May 2006 at the home match against Lanciano. [21] Napoli moved to their new home ground Stadio San Paolo in 1959. [27], Napoli added their second Serie A title in 1989–90, defeating Milan by two points in the title race. Di Bigon dicevano: «Fortunato quel Bigon, si trova a Napoli ad allenare una grande squadra chissà per quale destino».Più che destino sarà gloria, per quell’uomo che vinse la stella da calciatore nel Milan di Liedholm e che si stava affermando anche da qualche anno come allenatore. Napoli then saw increased success in the 1980s, after the club acquired Diego Maradona. Stadio San Paolo - Napoli. Napoli: Insigne ha ripreso a lavorare con il gruppo Il Napoli ha ripreso oggi, martedi', gli allenamenti a Castelvolturno dopo la sosta della Serie A per gli impegni delle Nazionali. – Periodo 1904–1926 – La Preistoria", "A short history of Napoli's roots: The Spark of Life", "Il primo, e ancora indimenticato idolo, dei tifosi partenope", "Storia del Napoli: Gli anni venti e trenta", "Coppa Italia champions – Names and Numbers; soccer", "De Laurentiis: "Il mio Napoli tra le grandi, "Juve, addio alla Champions. [2], Because a mainland Southern Italian team had never won the league before, this turned Maradona into a cultural, social and borderline religious icon[26] for Neapolitans, which stretched beyond the realms of just football. However, after the final, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) forced Maradona to take a doping test, which he failed testing positive for cocaine; both Maradona and Napoli staff later claimed it was a revenge plot for events at the World Cup. [73] It also has a smaller friendship with the fans of Bulgarian club Lokomotiv Plovdiv; Napoli gave birth to the name "Napoletani Ultras Plovdiv", which is how the friendship arose. In the 2017–18 season, Napoli challenged for the title for the entire season, and finished with a club record of 91 points. [2] Juventus, Bayern Munich and PAOK were defeated en route to the final, where Napoli beat VfB Stuttgart 5–4 on aggregate, with two goals from Careca and one each from Maradona, Ferrara and Alemão. [72], Napoli have a famous and long-standing friendship with the fans of Genoa. However, Napoli were entered into the UEFA Cup for 1988–89 and won their first major European title. [16] He was a capable goal-scorer and eventually set the all-time goal-scoring record for Napoli, which was later surpassed by players like Diego Maradona and Marek Hamšík. L’allenatore del Napoli Gennaro Gattuso ha rilasciato le sue dichiarazioni al termine della gara persa contro l’Inter. Yet when I set foot on that pitch I felt something magical, different. [51], Napoli has had many managers and trainers, some seasons they have had co-managers running the team. Napoli added their second Serie A title in 1989–90, defeating Milan by two points in the title race. [60] Originally, while using the name Naples FBC, the colours of the club implemented two shades of blue. It was the only time I remained on the pitch after losing a match, just to enjoy the show. Tifosi inferociti. [45] On 14 June 2020, Dries Mertens became Napoli's all time top scorer after scoring his 122nd goal in a Coppa Italia semifinal match against Inter. By attendance, Napoli have the fourth largest fanbase in Italy,[4] and were ranked as the fifth highest-earning football club in Serie A, with $182 million in revenue during the 2017–18 season.