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The numerous rafting centres in Val di Sole offer courses at all levels: from short routes for the whole family to exhilarating routes for the more adventurous. ADVENTURE PARKS . Thanks to the link between Madonna di Campiglio and Pinzolo, the Folgarida-Marillevaski area forms an immense area of slopes that span over 150km. Rafting can be practised by anyone of you, bring your family or your friends or simply join a group of people on site. July to mid September . The best things to do in Val di Sole, Trentino - where nature and fresh air guarantee safety and well-being. 'https://':'http://')+'';var s=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(lc,s);})();},3000); After the briefing, you’ll be driven to the starting point for this activity! Rafting is adrenaline, adventure and fun ... in total safety! Canyoning . All around you is the unspoilt nature of the Val di Sole, enveloped in absolute silence… what you see from … But with a rubber boat and so much courage they dived into its fast waters, managing every rapid of the wild Noce River. When you close the gates of the Paintball Arena the fun is guaranteed and the rainbow challenge begins.A competition field for families, business colleagues or simply old friends who want to challenge each other at the last shot. At Trentino Wild you can count in the millions. SOCIAL SHARE. Suspension Bridge . Rafting in Val di Sole. Besides being nominated by National Geographic as one of the top ten rivers in the world for rafting, the Noce River is ideal for any whitewater sport.With a length of 28 kilometres, the Noce River guarantees unforgettable emotions and is perfect for canyoning, kayaking, canoeing, and rafting in Val di Sole. Rafting in Val di Sole Quando si parla di rafting, la Val di Sole non conosce rivali. Centro X Rafting: da più di trent'anni la passione per il fiume e per l'ambiente naturale ci riuniscono in questa meravigliosa e sempre nuova avventura. Val di Sole offers everything ski-lovers could want. By now we have given you everything, take this too. INFO HOW TO BOOK HOW TO BOOK CALL US CALL US. Cosa aspetti? Mtb & Downhill. But be sure to close the door and don't leave food on the tables, the bears in the area are known to be very greedy. HORSEBACK RIDING . X Raft Val di Sole, for example, is very popular for its Kayak tours on Lake Santa Giustina.A half-day excursion that is perfect for all families since children as young as 3 years can take part. Cus Verona - X Rafting Val di Sole © Extreme Waves – Val di Sole Trentino Italy Extreme Waves started like a powerful wave gathering together the minds of the people who created it. The Rafting Center Val di Sole is located in the Val di Sole, Trentino, and offers several sport activities such as rafting, hydrospeed, canyoning, canoeing and kayaking courses, mountain bike, downhill, team building, outdoor training, cliffhanger, nordic walking, , paintball, tarzaning, climbing, via ferrata, orienteering, water survival rescue, business incentive, stag and hen parties. Il Noce è considerato uno dei dieci fiumi più belli al mondo ed il primo in Europa per fare rafting. The spa in Pejo is open even during the winter season. If you've never slept along a stream before, the time has come to do so, the experience is unique. Bye mom, I'll see you later, you go on the rapids and I'll climb this tree! EXTREME WAVESCommezzadura - Trentino Extreme Waves, Multiple sport Centre was born from the love for the mountain, the river, the air and the will to join them in one single company, proposing mix of moving and amusing sports a living in Val di Sole. To each his height and difficulty, but that no one is missing: balance, courage and desire to have fun! If you still do not have a strategy of "war" we recommend you to hurry, the "enemies" are armed to the teeth and said that they will not take prisoners! Choose among our packages: Rafting Family, Rafting Extreme and Rafting Marathon. Rafting na rieke Noce je jednou z najobľúbenejších v Taliansku a Európe. Availability. Miglior prezzo garantito. You only have to choose between our camping places or tent area, or to decide to go to our affiliated hotel with spa, or B&B, Agritourisms and Garnì. Non siamo mica noi a dirlo, niente meno che il National Geographic cita il Fiume Noce tra i 10 fiumi migliori al mondo per la pratica del rafting. A tutti i nuovi "X runners" il benvenuto a Mezzana, nella "mitica" Val di Sole. Discover the Activities The Wild Sense Be Wild, be Happy! Don't worry, your children are in expert hands, with our staff they will learn really fun and stimulating things. From Trento, drive north-west on the SP235, followed by the SS43. X Rafting, il nuovo centro rafting specializzato in attività fluviali e proposte sportive outdoor della Val di Sole. Nordic walking. TRENTINO WILD RAFTING & OUTDOOR. We will provide you with all the equipment required. highlights. Benvenuti al Centro X Raft Avventure Outdoor gestito dal CUS VERONA dove potete provare rafting,rafting agonistico canoa kayak, hydrospeed, mountain bike molto altro nella nuova sede nautica vicino al palazzetto dello sport di Mezzana in Val di Sole! svg{max-height:100%;&:not(:root) { Rafting in the Val di Fiemme. La simpatia, la gioia di "insegnare" unite alla sicurezza di una grande esperienza pluriennale sono le principali qualità di tutta l'Equipe di X Rafting . Both rafting providers in Val di Sole are also involved in other outdoor activities. Dimaro - Via Gole 108 Tel. Rafting Il Trentino, la Val di Sole ed il fiume Noce, sono il posto ideale per fare rafting. Fasten your helmet well and hold on tight, you will climb higher and higher. MAP . Rieka ponúka rôzne možnosti trás líšiacich sa obtiažnosťou a dĺžkou. TARZANING . X RAFTING - XRAFT CUS VR AVVENTURE OUTDOOR Loc. Terme in Val di Sole. More than 70 games and suspended paths in the trees will make you feel Tarzan or Mowgli! 1 voor Rafting - CheckYeti About Extreme Waves Centro Rafting in Val di Sole. Rafting in Val di Sole for those who do not fear the most extreme and difficult stretches in a ravine and do not mind uncomfortable recovery conditions, the Noce offers in its last navigable part some of the strongest and most exciting alpine rapids. TRENTINO WILD RAFTING CENTER VAL DI SOLE. Rafting - offers nearby. Val di Sole has two spas, in Rabbi and in Pejo. } WE HAD A BLAST. The only thing you need to bring along with is lots of fun and enthusiasm and a bit of courage. This road will lead you to Dimaro. The Avisio river in… read article. Despite this Rafting in Val di Sole is open to everyone: groups of friends, adventurers, families and children over 6 years old can choose from different routes with different levels of difficulty. 2-3 hours (it may vary depending on the water level) Info request. Dal 1982 in Val di Sole, con la prima scuola di canoa sul fiume Noce, i primi corsi della Scuola di Canoa e Kayak fluviale in Val di Sole, è quindi iniziata l'avventura, che ancora oggi vive, ma si rinnova e ritrova l'entusiasmo di sempre in X Rafting! Segui X Rafting su tutti i principali social per essere sempre aggiornato sulle fantastiche attività e le novità del Centro X Raft in Val di Sole. Rafting and Canoeing The Noce River springs at the Corno dei Tre Signori (3360 m), in the Ortles-Cevedale Range, and after a few kilometres it forms the artificial lake of Pian Palù in the upper Val di Peio. 88 likes. What awaits you is a battle of paint and laughter. Val di Sole sa nachádza v oblasti Trentino, pri meste Trento, či 1 hodinu cesty od jazera Lago di Garda. It is said that a group of pioneers, united by a passion for adventure and strong emotions, decided to challenge the river that no one had ever had the audacity to ride. The local people thought they were crazy. Surely this is the best way to live in direct contact with the energy of the Dolomites. Armed with the paddle, you’ll have the-time-of-your-life descending the rapids as you surround yourself with the pristine nature of Val di Sole (Sole Valley). The Health Spa of Rabbi: Elegant, modern, but above all functional, here is the new thermal establishment of Rabbi, at the end of the same-named valley, in the Stelvio National Park, encircled by a thick forest of conifers, which turns the environment exceptionally healthy. Rafting in the Val di Fiemme. By now you know it, the ingredients are: adventure, sport and fun, but don't worry, if you have any ideas, we are here to make it happen! Rafting Val di Sole. In Val di Sole, in the heart of the Dolomites, we have everything you need to return wild! In Val di Sole, in the heart of the Dolomites, we have everything you need to return wild! Rafting in Val di Sole. Live an unforgettable experience and come to run the rapids of our Noce River! [CDATA[ del Pressenach 38020 Mezzana(Trento) Val Di Sole; Tel: +39 347 7448137 SUSPENSION BRIDGE. Rafting and outdoor in Val di Sole, Italy at Trentino Wild Rafting Center. Rafting in the heart of the Dolomites is a unique experience. Centro X Rafting: da più di trent'anni la passione per il fiume e per l'ambiente naturale ci riuniscono in questa meravigliosa e sempre nuova avventura. Special January. Vieni a trovarci in Val di Sole! SCOPRI GLI SPORT FLUVIALI CON IL CUS VERONA: IN ADIGE SUL TRATTO CITTADINO E PRESSO LA SEDE ESTIVA DEL CUS IN VAL DI SOLE Sei uno studente universitario in cerca di una nuova e appassionante attività motoria immersa nella natura? Boek White Water Rafting in Val di Sole met enkele klikken 100+ Recensies Gratis Annulering en 365-dagen Klantenservice Gecertificeerde aanbieders: Extreme Waves & Adventure Südtirol - Boek uw Tour met de No. Il rafting è un'emozionante attività per tutti che non richiede corsi o doti particolari e che vi permetterà di affrontare subito le rapide più belle del fiume con tutti gli accorgimenti possibili di sicurezza. Go to the holiday reviews. TRENTINO GUEST CARD - VAL DI SOLE OPPORTUNITY . In Val di Sole a Mezzana trasmettere le forti emozioni che si possono vivere su un Kayak, facendo rafting a bordo di un Raft o immersi nella corrente con l'Hydrospeed è sempre stata la nostra soddisfazione, un vero e proprio modo di vivere la natura. .grid_basibox{grid-template-columns:4fr 2fr 4fr;grid-template-rows:auto auto;padding-bottom:16.6%;margin:20px 0 40px 0;grid-template-areas:"grid_dimaro grid_croviana grid_caldes" "grid_icon_dimaro grid_icon_croviana grid_icon_caldes";background-image:url('/templates/trentinowild/images/Mappa_desk.svg');background-position:bottom;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:contain;overflow:hidden;border-radius:30px}.grid_basibox > div{text-align:center;background-color:#e6e6e6}.grid_basibox h3{text-transform:uppercase;font-size:2rem;font-weight:normal;margin:15px 0 0 0}.grid_basibox .grid_dimaro{grid-area:grid_dimaro}.grid_basibox .grid_croviana{grid-area:grid_croviana}.grid_basibox .grid_caldes{grid-area:grid_caldes}.grid_basibox .grid_icon_dimaro{grid-area:grid_icon_dimaro}.grid_basibox .grid_icon_croviana{grid-area:grid_icon_croviana}.grid_basibox .grid_icon_caldes{grid-area:grid_icon_caldes}.grid_basibox .grid_map_vert{grid-area:grid_map_vert;display:none}.grid_basibox .icon_cont{display:flex;flex-wrap:wrap;align-items:center;justify-content:center;margin-left:30px;margin-right:30px}.grid_basibox .icon_cont .icon_item{padding:0px 10px}.grid_basibox .icon_cont .icon_item svg{max-width:45px}@media screen and (max-width:768px){.clean_basibox{margin:20px -15px}.clean_basibox .custom_basibox{padding-left:5px}.grid_basibox{grid-template-columns:15% auto;grid-template-rows:repeat(6, auto);border-radius:0px;padding-bottom:0;grid-template-areas:"grid_map_vert grid_dimaro" "grid_map_vert grid_icon_dimaro" "grid_map_vert grid_croviana" "grid_map_vert grid_icon_croviana" "grid_map_vert grid_caldes" "grid_map_vert grid_icon_caldes";background-image:none;background-position:left}.grid_basibox .icon_cont{margin-left:0px;margin-right:20px}.grid_basibox .grid_map_vert{background-color:transparent;display:block;background-size:102% 100%;width:100%;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-image:url('/templates/trentinowild/images/Mappa_mob.svg')}}, .custom_bluebox{max-width:100%;margin:30px auto;border-radius:30px;background-color:#001a41;text-align:left;padding:4%;color:#fcfffe}.custom_bluebox img{max-width:100%;width:378px;margin:auto;display:block}.custom_bluebox .box_svg img{width:89px}.custom_bluebox h3{text-transform:uppercase;margin:0 10px 10px 0}.custom_bluebox .tit_colored{color:#fcaf10;display:block}.custom_bluebox .btw_c .btw_s{border-color:#fcfffe}. Once in Dermulo, you continue on the SS42 as well and drive up to Dimaro. Canoe & Kayak. Cookies Policy. The Trentino Wild, Rafting & Outdoor Center is located in Val di Sole where you’ll find our Outdoor Village! (+39) 0463 973278 - Mobile (+39) 340 2175873 }.icon{display:block;height:18px;margin:0;width:102px}.quest{color:#999}.grid_reviews{grid-template-columns:repeat(2,1fr);grid-auto-rows:auto;grid-column-gap:30px;grid-row-gap:30px}@media screen and (max-width:768px){.grid_reviews{grid-template-columns:repeat(1,100%)}}.grid_rev_item{background-color:#f9f9f9;grid-template-columns:auto min-content;grid-template-rows:30px 30px auto;grid-template-areas:"grid_title grid_date" "grid_star grid_date" "grid_comm grid_comm";grid-column-gap:10px;grid-row-gap:5px;padding:20px;border-radius:30px}.grid_title{grid-area:grid_title;font-weight:bold;font-size:1.2em}.grid_date{grid-area:grid_date;text-align:right;font-size:.8em}.grid_star{grid-area:grid_star}.grid_comm{grid-area:grid_comm}. People of vagrants, campers from all over Europe unite! Discover Rafting… Informativa Privacy |  Duration. Rafting in Val di Sole! If you are looking for an accommodation with all the comforts ... you have found the right one for you! .custom_yellowbox{max-width:954px;margin:30px auto;border-radius:30px;background-color:#fcaf10;text-align:center;padding:2%}.custom_yellowbox h3{text-transform:uppercase;font-size:2rem}. Here in the mountains of Trentino it's really like that, uncontaminated nature and clear skies. You can choose between two camper areas: one in Dimaro and one in Caldes. Cavalcherete in rafting le onde del fiume Noce in Val di Sole, Trentino, accompagnati da guide esperte. Choose the one you prefer and enjoy the relax because tomorrow... we start again! If you are thinking about a gift to a friend, a couple or just want to bring your love to us, then do it with a WILD BOX, you will certainly like it! Three spots, only one soul: Dimaro, Croviana and Caldes, make Trentino Wild the largest Rafting Center in Italy. Val di Sole, Sito Ufficiale APT, Proposte Vacanza, Informazioni, Alloggi FREE CLIMBING. It’s easy and costs only 1 € per day. Rafting Center Val di Sole Location: Dimaro, Val di Sole, Trento Website: Directions: From Bolzano, go south-west and navigate to the SS42. About Extreme Waves Centro Rafting in Val di Sole. setTimeout(function(){window.__lc=window.__lc||{};window.__lc.license=9644845;(function(){var lc=document.createElement('script');lc.type='text/javascript';lc.async=true;lc.src=('https:'==document.location.protocol? bike Rafting trekking adventure. FREE cancellation up to 7 days before arriving. For your next holiday, make a splash and experience an unforgettable adventure with your friends and family! Good service in addition to a great experience! //]]>. Have you ever tried the unique experience of navigating the rapids of a river? FAST booking. Lovely camping in the beautiful Val di Pejo surrounded by three mountain groups: the Ortles-Cevedale, the Adamello and the Brenta Dolomites.. At 1250 m, in the green of the Stelvio National Park, this is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy an active yet relaxing holiday in close contact with nature.. IN VAL DI SOLE TRENTINO. Whether you are organizing your best friend's bachelor party, or if you want to spend a weekend of adventure with your family or your volleyball team, the Noce river is the right place for you! Preteká celým údolím Val di Sole. Visit, travel, ride and enjoy! EXTREME WAVESCommezzadura - Trentino Extreme Waves, Multiple sport Centre was born from the love for the mountain, the river, the air and the will to join them in one single company, proposing mix of moving and amusing sports a living in Val di Sole. For you who know what adventure is, who know stories of witches and wolves and who love to feel like explorers of nature, we have reserved a tent place! You just need to bring your sense of adventure! Tarzaning in Val di Sole. Con il CUS VERONA è anche possibile unire il divertimento puro con l'attività agonistica o amatoriale. And rediscover the WILD part inside of you. Since 1982 the Val di Sole rafting Centre has been the reference point for rafting in Trentino. RAFTING E SPORT ESTREMI. In the Val di Sole valley, rafting can be practised from the third to the fifth degree of difficulty, which corresponds to the maximum. Stir up the adrenaline in the largest Outdoor Center in Italy! 37 years of experience, the biggest outdoor village in Italy, with the Camping Dolomiti Village and facilities located in 3 different towns in Val di Sole: Caldes, Dimaro and Croviana. © Trentino Wild srl 2020 | P.Iva e CF 02278030222, Sviluppo sito, SEO optimization e Booking by, //